It’s 2018 and more and more engineers, including mechanical, are taking up this course.It’s 2018 and more and more engineers, including mechanical, are taking up this course.We noticed that 9 out of 25 students here were engineers.Before we understand why they make this shift, I thought I should first understand why they pursued engineering in the first place

1. My parents and relatives advised me:

This is typical in India, right? You ask any parent and all they wish for their children is that they become either a doctor or an engineer. Most of us end up doing engineering because we didn’t have a choice.

2. No proper guidance/mentor:

Most of us wish we could find someone who could mentor us and guide us to make the right decision when deciding on a course. But very few are lucky to have found this.

3. Not enough exposure in schools/colleges:

We end up going to our city/village school where there isn’t enough exposure to the real world. I remember when I was doing my hotel management, I didn’t know or hadn’t even heard about IIM’s. That’s how unaware we are.Let’s understand better why engineers are choosing Digital marketing. Here are a few reasons.1. The scope and opportunities:I  have written a detailed blog on Scope of Digital Marketing in India and how to get started.But when our students shared their views on this I felt it’s better to hear it from them as they’re going through this.• • “There’s no creativity in engineering. On the name of innovation, they just teach us the age-old syllabus.”• • Paul Louis pointed out that after engineering, you work with an MNC you have a defined job, designation and work which is monotonous.Paul kept changing jobs learning new skills hoping he could experiment and explore but never got the opportunity.• • Manikanta Reddy says,”the industry is saturated and the growth is slow. There aren’t many opportunities to start or grow these days.With digital marketing, I’m constantly on my toes because the field is so dynamic and I get to learn and explore every day.”• • “with Digital Marketing there is freedom. You can work from anywhere. You can be a freelancer too. One doesn’t feel limited”

2. Salary:

There is more than one way to do this. Let’s see them both:a.) Opportunities in Digital Marketing.) Career in Digital MarketingIf you’ve read both the above resources, it’s self-explanatory as to why the field is attracting engineers more with each passing day.

3. The Career Path:

Here’s something to give you a rough idea:    0-1 years of experience: Digital Marketing Analyst    1-3 years of experience: Digital Marketing Specialist/Expert    3-5 years of experience: Digital Marketing Team Lead/Asst Manager    5 years of experience: Digital Marketing Manager    8 years: Digital Marketing Strategist    10 year and above: Chief Marketing OfficeTo get a more detailed insight click here.

4. Start-up culture in India:

More and more youngsters in India are challenging norms and trying to start something of their own.And by startups, I don’t mean just businesses but so many performing artists have taken to Youtube, Instagram, etc. to make their presence felt during the start of their careers. And digital is the first medium they rely on as that’s what helps them get started. They can reach out to their targeted audience and brand awareness is easier, faster and cost-effective.This has encouraged them to follow their heart and start something they believe in.And honestly, that’s how their audience recognizes them and associate with them. Imagine your favorite Youtuber stops uploading his videos because but performs offline. You’re bound to lose interest in his work. Same goes for businesses. If they’re not present online. You can’t associate with them.

5. E-commerce fundings:

E-commerce is slowly moving from luxury to necessity. Urban India is seen mostly dependant on these services be it online grocery shopping, transportation services or your regular online shopping.• Alibaba investing $300 million in the online grocery store Big basket.• Walmart looking to be a shareholder in Flipkart with an investment of 10-12 billion dollars.• Titan buying majority stake in Caratlane. This is a testimony to how well Indian companies/start-ups are doing.They’re successfully attracting Global giants to invest in them.

6. Global companies coming to India:

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, you name it and you see them establishing themselves in India.Have you ever thought why a company like Dell India has an Instagram page or even an IBM?Why would they need to be on Instagram? It’s what we would in layman terms call a ‘serious’ company.They’re all online. Because we’re online. Everyone and everything is moving online these days. And the job opportunities are plenty and not monotonous.

7. Digital India initiatives by our Honourable Prime Minister:

‘Digital India’ programme is a flagship programme of the govt. of India.With this initiative not only is the Govt. trying to digitize its own services like governance, banking, etc but ensuring that the masses are being educated to use these resources too. We’ve discussed the stories of cashless Indian villages. This speaks about how ‘Digital’ is changing the course of things in India.

8. Smartphones:

We’ve all seen the dip in the prices of smartphones and increase in its sales. To someone not using a smartphone is a rare scenario.Our parents or grandparents who feared the online world and called it not trustworthy have facebook accounts and are actively consuming content online.That’s the power of the internet and this cannot be ignored.From a Mechanical Engineer to Digital Marketer! started to work with Google process, currently, he is the Manager, Programmatic Ad Operations in Hyderabad.With Mechanical Engineering as his background, he came to Bangalore from Hyderabad to do his digital marketing course. His LinkedIn Profile

9. Rural India Projects like UDAAN:

Online marketplace giant Amazon has not only established itself in India but is also taking extreme measures with its projects like ‘Udaan’ to be able to penetrate through rural India and makes itself available.With ‘Project, Udaan’ Amazon is ready to go offline to ensure that the smallest of India’s villages can access it. They’ve tied up with many small traders to have Amazon-branded stores for people with bad or no internet connection.This has earned the interest of various State Governments as well.This is just one such example that is leading to a large-scale opportunity.

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