In an age of software development, testing the software for their supreme quality and standards is of prime importance. While skilled professionals do this job, in order to fulfill the mandate of excellence in quality assurance of the software, companies drive huge resources to create a benchmark. Let’s us see about software testing and the best websites to learn software testing online.
Software testers do the software testing, where they have the final authority to ensure the credibility of software before they reach the market. As a beginner, software testing can be very challenging, when at times you may have to fix erratic issues and bugs. Solving issues all alone can be onerous and you have to lean on the assistance of certain websites that will mentor you on software testing and answer many of your queries related to the job. Apart from reading books on software testing, a clue to certain helpful online tutorials has been listed in this article for you to browse.

Luckily, there are a lot of websites that will help you learn software testing online. We have suggested 15 top-notch websites, we think will be of use for every software tester to learn software testing online in the year 2018.

Let’s take a look at the top resources to learn software testing online that will help you to enhance your software testing skills.

Best Websites to Learn Software Testing

  1. uTest
    uTest is one of the top-rated software testing websites in the world. It has 2,00,000 and more software testers. Courses here are for free. It aids you in elevating your skills based on germane resources that will act as a prop and enhancer of your career in software testing. uTest also guides you with testing projects, participate in event rate tools and chat with users and peers regarding the industry. You can also develop your testing skills through projects available on

  2. Practical Tips For Web Application Testing
    This page consists of practical guidance for a web application tester. Suggestions given on this page will suit all web applications and can be used as a checklist for web app testing.
  3. Udemy
    Among the many categories of resources, Udemy has a software testing category where well-planned courses are taught by skilled people in the industry. While at present discount is on the offer for many of the top-ranked software testing online course, some courses are taught free of cost. Lastly, Udemy has a review page for every course where students can give their opinion about the course.
  4. Software Testing Help
    Software Testing Help website has numerous topics on Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Having more than one million monthly views, the website addresses to a wide range of testing professionals who seek for updated contents related to testing tutorials, manual testing, automation testing, testing tools, web testing, testing templates, quality assurance, latest testing trends and scores of other information.
  5. Google Testers Blog
    Having its own pride and record of placing its own software products in the market, Google in its own Google Testers Blog gives invaluable information suggested by its own software testers. It is one of the best resources to learn software testing online.
  6. Cem Kaner
    Cem Kaner is a stockpile of resources for software testers. You can also pick up a lot of secrets and instructions from this industry leader in software testing.
  7. Sticky Minds
    This is an online community with free membership for software development professionals. The professionals also have access to subscribe to Better Software Magazine published by that consists of software testing articles. features prominent interviews with eminent industry leaders. It also showcases webinars. It also contains conference presentations from TechWell Corp. It serves the needs of both beginner and advanced software testers.
  8. Satisfice
    Satisfice is the mastermind of James Bach, a reputed person in the software testing industry. has a wide range of topics related to testing that can be referred both by beginners and advanced testers. James Bach is also available for consultation via Skype.
  9. Dzone
    DZone is a hub of technical contents related to software testing and QA. The website acts as a bridge to connect you with industry-oriented professionals. Apart from gaining current insights on the industry, you can also retrieve details on topics such as test automation, DevOps, test management, big data, cloud, AI etc.
  10. Marlena’s Blog
    Marlena has a flair for writing about, writing code, testing, and coding. The author discusses concepts in detail and has also written an interesting piece, on moving from being a tester towards becoming a developer.
  11. TechTarget
    TechTarget is an online community that facilitates connection with industry-specific professionals who are experts in creating quality software and also perform functions such as software testing, quality assurance, quality software, etc. The website will also ensure that the application developed is of optimal quality, that can be done by employing methods such as DevOps and Agile development. The website also contains numerous white papers and webcasts.
  1. Selenium Easy
    Selenium Easy website offers a thorough set of tutorials on test automation using Selenium. Skilled test automation professionals wanting tutorials on Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, JUnit, ANT, Maven, Java (required of Selenium), Jenkins, JMeter, Appium JExcel, Apache POI and JFree Chart can peek into this website.
  2. Test Obsessed
    This website has myriad of information on software testing. This website is owned by Elizabeth Hendrickson. Besides, the website would serve its purpose really well if it is updated frequently.
  3. Chris McMahonThis blog elucidates on advanced testing options. Though it has been long overdue since the blog was updated, it still has essential information for software testers.
  4. Software QA Test
    Software QA Test is one of the best resources to learn software testing online. Besides, it is a one-stop source for downloadable materials on Software QA and Testing created by James Bach and Michael Bolton. It serves both as a hornbook and a reference tool for advanced courses. Apart from this, you can also cull out blogs and articles about rapid software testing.
  5. Lisa Crispin
    Lisa is a trainer in software testing, focussing on agile testing. Being a practitioner too, she imparts teaching and training through her website.

  6. Shmuel’s Software Stuff

    This is a website for advanced software testers. The eccentric language used on the website are well thought of to teach software testing.
  7. Test This Blog
    “Refinements on the art of software testing” is the tagline of the blog. Multiple techniques in mastering software testing, such as just imagining a test and speculating its way of working in the field can be learned.
  8. QA Intelligence
    QA Intelligence provides information on a wide-ranging of aspects in testing and QA management. It also contains a sample demo from one of the companies.
  9. All Things Quality
    This blog has been constructed by Joe Strazzere and talks about quality assurance, software testing and host of other topics. Essentials of a software tester such as tools, templates, etc. are also provided on the blog.


Hence, these are the top 20 resources to learn software testing online. Moreover, the above-mentioned websites and blogs would serve the purpose of learning software testing online. Improve your knowledge by these websites and platforms to ensure that you have the precise information and are capable enough to guarantee that the final product delivered is optimum in quality.

As most of the content on the resources are free of cost, you can browse through them for learning as a fresher and also for upskilling. Constant learning and upskilling ensure the delivery of standard products in the market.


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